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  • Resize a Chart

    Make the Whole Chart Larger or Smaller on the Page: You can make a chart smaller or larger by clicking on the handles at the edge of the chart. Use the Padding Feature to Make the Chart Smaller or

  • Add and Edit Chart Data Labels

    There are two ways you can edit the data labels on your chart. If your chart has no labels jump to Add Data Labels. If the chart is already labelled jump to Edit the Data Labels. How to Add Data

  • Add A Chart or Table to Your Design

    1 To add graphs or charts, click Charts on the left panel and drag the desired chart onto the canvas. 2 To edit the data, double click the chart which will open the right panel allowing you to input

  • How do I edit the data in my graph and chart?

    1 To edit a chart’s data, double click the chart to open the right panel. 2 You can manually fill in the data, or you can copy and paste from excel or google sheets. You can insert or delete rows or

  • Icon Charts

    Use this guide to understand how to add and edit Icon charts. You’ll learn how to: Access the icon charts Automatically Replace Icon Charts Change the fill within an icon chart Change the colors on

  • Import data from a .csv file, or excel sheet

    How to import data from a file: Open the chart menu. (You can do this by double-clicking the chart, clicking on the chart once then clicking on edit, clicking on the chart title or clicking on the

  • Onboarding Guide

    Welcome to Venngage, we're happy to have you join our team. Starting out with a brand new tool can sometimes be daunting, so please take advantage of our resources to get you going! Here is a quick 6

  • Editing Tables

    Learn how to create and customize tables! Click to jump to a section: Add A Table Add or Update Table Data in a Table Change the Text Style in A Table Further Questions Add A Table Click on the word

  • Privacy Policy 1.0

    Venngage Privacy Policy Version 1.0 Effective as of March 1, 2014 Your privacy is important to us Venngage Inc. (1406-2 Carlton Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5B1J3, Canada) a company registered and opera

  • Copying between designs

    Do you have a design that you would like to copy over into a new project? Or maybe you want to combine two designs? Using this article you’ll learn how to copy items (text, icons, images, charts,

  • Troubleshoot Downloading Issues

    If you run into an error while downloading use this guide to troubleshoot the issue. Click to jump to different sections in this guide: I got an error message when I tried to download Items on my

  • Privacy Policy 2.0

    Draft Version 2.0 Effective as of May 25, 2018 We are Venngage Inc., a company registered and operating under the laws of Canada. We respect your privacy and comply with applicable data protection