Creating a Smart Mind Map

Learn how to edit a Smart Mind Map. This article covers the following topics:

What is a Smart Mind Map?

A mind map is a diagram that shows the relationships between content items. Smart Mind Maps provide users with a way to map out, edit, and repeat similar content as map items. Smart Mind Maps offer less customization than combining icons with text boxes, but enable users to more efficiently add and edit repetitive content.

Where can I find the Smart Mind Map?

You can find smart templates by searching for the word "smart" and then scrolling. Look out for the green Smart Template label. Click here to access all the smart templates.

Add or remove a branch from the Smart Mind Map

To add or remove a branch from the map:

  1. Hover your mouse over a branch.
  2. A + button will appear in the direction where a new branch can be added.
  3. To delete a branch, click it and select the trash can on the top toolbar or click delete on your keyboard.

Reposition branches on the Smart Mind Map

To reposition a branch:

  1. Click on the branch.
  2. Drag and drop it on the desired location.

What next?

Click here to learn how you can customize the items on your Smart Mind Map or Smart List.

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