How Do I Upload my HTML File Into MailChimp or Outlook?

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Upload an HTML file into MailChimp

Here’s how you can upload your HTML file into MailChimp for use in an email campaign:

  1. From your MailChimp dashboard, click on Campaigns

2. Click Email Templates

3. Click Create Template

4. Click Code Your Own

5. Click Import HTML 

6. Click Add Files and select the HTML file you downloaded from Venngage. Click Upload.

7. Your HTML template is now ready to preview and test in MailChimp. After clicking Save and Exit, you’ll be able to use the design in a campaign

Upload an HTML file into Outlook 365

Note 1: Outlook for Mac does not support custom templates.

Note 2: We recommend sending from MailChimp because when sending from Outlook, the design may not display as it did in the editor.

  1. Create a new email. 

  1. Right click in the toolbar area and select Customize the Ribbon

  1. Select Attach File and tthen select Add so that it can be added to your toolbar. Press Ok to confirm. 

  1. Click Attach File. 

  1. Select the HTML file you want to insert, but do not insert it yet. Using the dropdown next to Insert, select Insert as text, then click Insert. 

Email Design Tips

  • Page Size: In order to export a design to HTML designs it should be a single page. The page should be up to 816 x 3000 px. Smaller designs will optimize email load time.
  • Text size: Ensure legible text by using a text size of at least 16pt.
  • Interactive elements: Interactive elements like forms and polls will be displayed but not interactive in an HTML export. Embedded hyperlinks will be functional in an HTML export.

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