Automatically Replace Icons

Our  Replace feature makes it easy to switch out icons and images in your design. Replace automatically matches the new icon or image size, and position with the original icon or photo.

Here’s how you can easily replace icons:

  1. Select an icon or image and click Replace from the top toolbar or simply double-click on an icon or image in your design.

  2. Search for a replacement icon or image using the Replace Menu. You can preview different icons in your design by clicking on them while keeping the Replace Menu open. 
    1. You can replace both icons and images with Icons
    2. You can replace icons and images with stock photos from our Photos library
    3. You can also replace an icon or a photo with an image you uploaded. To do this select the Uploads option.
  3. Once you've selected an icon, click anywhere on the canvas to exit the replace menu and apply the new icon. To undo, click the Undo button on the top toolbar.  
  • Premium and Business users have access to the entire icon library.
  • When changing Mono (single-colored) icons, the Replace Menu will apply the last color used to your new selection. Multi-colored icons, illustrated icons, and images will maintain their set colors by default.

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