How do I use "My Brand Kit"?

The My Brand Kit feature is a branding kit available to Business plan users. Only the "Admin" in the Business plans is able to edit and change the Brand Kit.

Your brand kit will always be ready with every new infographic you create, so you don't need to waste time re-saving it with each new infographic.

To set up your preferences, start by signing into your account and selecting My Brand Kit from the top toolbar:

You can select the "plus" signs located beside the Logo section or Colors section to upload your company logos/images and set your preferred colors or color palettes.

If you have a HEX or RGB code for your colours, you can set them in the colour box:

The "Fonts" option allows you to set your font preferences for your Header, Sub-header and Body text boxes:

You can apply your "My Brand Kit" options on any templates by opening it in the Editor and selecting the "My Brand Kit" section from the left-hand toolbar:

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