Lines, borders and shapes

Using this article you'll learn how to:

Add a line or border:

To access the line and border icons:

  1. Click on Icons 
  2. Select from either the subcategory Lines and Borders or Shapes and Symbols. The icons under these categories are different from regular icons.
  3. Click on an icon to add it to the page. 

Increase line or border width:

To increase the width of your line or border: 

  1. Click on the line or border icon. 
  2. Click on the Line Width drop-down menu and select a new width. Click anywhere on the page to apply the new line width.  

Resize lines and borders: 

Here are steps you can use to resize lines:

  1. Click on the line
  2. Drag the handles at the corners of your line to make the whole line larger or smaller.
  3. Drag the handles on the sides of the line to make it longer or shorter. 

Resize shapes:

Resizing icons found under Shapes & Symbols is different than resizing regular icons :

  1. Click on the shape. 
  2. Use the handles at the corner of the shape to make the whole shape larger or smaller. 

  3. Click on the handles at the top, bottom, left and right to make those edges bigger or smaller. 

Apply Different Line & Border Styles

To change the style of your line or border:

  1. Click on the line or border
  2. Click on the Line Type or Border Style Menu and select another line style.

  3. Click anywhere on the page to apply the selected line style. 

Change the line ending

To change a line ending: 

  1. Click on the line. 
  2. Select one of the two Line Ending dropdown menus (Line Ending 1 and Line Ending 2) to chose a new line ending style.

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