Create and Share Team Infographic Templates

You can create infographics that other team members can use as templates. This is particularly useful for teams that want to standardize their templates or use a specific Brand guideline. You can use the template to specify the colors, fonts and assets (ie, logos, taglines,..etc) that your team members can share.  


Create an infographic from a Blank template that has all your Brand elements.     

  • Add Text and change it to your preferred font
  • Add a Squares and change it to your preferred colors
  • Add headers or footers with your branding
  • Upload your logos or other assets

To share your infographic to your team, click on Share button.


Then, under the Share with Team option, click on Shared. The template will now be shared with your team.


Your team members will see your infographic in their Infographics page under the My Team tab on the left panel. This is now considered a Team Template. Team members can click on Copy to create a new infographic from the template.

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