Account Types and Download Options

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Unless you’re a student, you will not be able to download a file version of your design. Click here to learn how you can share your design online instead.  

If you signed up as a K-12 student you have to access the free download option. Follow these steps to download for free: 

  1. Open the design in the Venngage Editor
  2. Select Free Download
  3. A free png download of your file will be added to your computer.

Please note: The png file will feature a Venngage watermark. 

Premium and Education

With a Premium account, you can download your infographic in the following formats:

 PNG has a resolution of 72 DPI scale.

 PNG HD has a resolution of 300 DPI scale. 

PDFs are a fast download option with an image base that is close to 100% accuracy and are only available in Google Chrome. They are neither SEO friendly nor clickable.


With a Business subscription, you can have access to all Premium download options. You also have the ability to download Interactive PDFs and PowerPoint files.

Interactive PDFs are SEO friendly, searchable, scalable. All embed links are clickable including but not limited to text, icons and images.

Powerpoint files easily import into presentation tools. You can also add speaker notes in Venngage that will be imported into the presentation tool. The PowerPoint download option will appear when you create a design using a presentation template. 

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