Onboarding Guide

Welcome to Venngage, we're happy to have you join our team. Starting out with a brand new tool can sometimes be daunting, so please take advantage of our resources to get you going!

Here is a quick 6 step guide on how to get the most out of our tool in the shortest amount of time possible:

Watch the 5 minute 'Getting Started with Venngage' guide: 

Watch the full 20-minute walkthrough on how to create an infographic:

 Check out our library of quick video tutorials (We have over 50!) :


If you prefer to read please visit our searchable Help Center. Here are some articles we suggest starting with for the new user: 

-  How do I change the background Colour?

-  How do I add icons?

-  How do I add text?

-  How do I use pictograms?

-  How do I edit maps?

-  What are interactive widgets?

-  How do I share my infographic publicly?


Get more in depth with our blog. Be sure not to miss: 

-  How to Make and Infographic in 5 Steps

-  How to Choose the Best Charts for Your Infographic


Reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or feedback! We can be reached via email anytime or on live chat Monday - Friday between the hours of 4am EST and 8pm EST. 

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